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  • I confirm that I have read this Application and understand its contents. I declare that the information recorded on this Form is true and correct and acknowledge that the provision of any false information could result in termination of my employment.

    I authorise Maxwell Recruitment to disclose information regarding my work capacity to potential employers.

    I agree to abide by the stated conditions of employment as advised by Maxwell Recruitment when placed into employment on behalf of Maxwell Recruitment and acknowledge that I must advise Maxwell Recruitment of any changes or additional skills so my details are correct.

    I acknowledge that the completion of this application to register with Maxwell Recruitment does not necessarily ensure that I will be offered employment with Maxwell Recruitment and any offer of employment shall be made in Maxwell Recruitment's sole discretion and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, such employment shall be casual employment. I acknowledge and agree that this Candidate Application is to be read in conjunction with any contract of employment that I may enter into with Maxwell Recruitment.

    I indemnify Maxwell Recruitment against any responsibility for incorrect allocation of payments caused by my bank or other entity. I authorise and request Maxwell Recruitment to credit payments due to me into my account as I nominate or as altered by my written advice.

    I consent to my former employers providing relevant records to Maxwell Recruitment. I release my former employer and Maxwell Recruitment from any liability for any damages whatsoever caused by such records being provided. I further consent to Maxwell Recruitment and its clients as may be authorised by Maxwell Recruitment performing reference checks with the former employers named within this Form or in my submitted resume and consent to my personal information, including reference checks, being provided to Maxwell Recruitment’s clients.

    I acknowledge that I have read and understood Maxwell Recruitment's Collection Statement regarding personal and sensitive information (which document can be viewed here) and I consent and agree to the collection, usage and disclosure of personal and sensitive information relating to me as contemplated and described therein.